Does The Corona Virus Kill?

Corona Virus

“Does The Corona Virus Kill?” This has been the major question asked by a lot of Nigerians. There has been so much panic and fear parading the whole country. There have also been various degrees of myth surrounding COVID-19 transmission, treatment, and symptoms.

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The advent of coronavirus in Nigeria, particularly Lagos alongside the rising death tolls in Italy has caused people to ask, “If I get the virus, will I die?” The simple answer to that Question is No if you have a strong immune system and take the necessary measures on time.

You will definitely experience the various symptoms the virus gives but there are very high chances of you recovering, although some might get hospitalized. However, people with suppressed immune systems and underlying medical conditions are at a higher risk of becoming severely ill and in some cases lose their lives if they contract the virus.

This does not necessarily mean they will die. It just means that on a scale of 1-100%, about 15% are at the risk of becoming severely ill with the virus.

Underlying Medical Conditions That Can Increase Your Risk of Becoming Severely Ill With The Virus

Corona Virus Death Cases Due to Underlying Medical Conditions
  • Heart Diseases with complications.
  • Chronic Lung cancer.
  • Moderate to severe asthma.
  • Diabetes.
  • Liver Disease.
  • Renal Failure.

People who are immunocompromised from cancer treatment, as well as people of any age with severe obesity, are also at risk.

What WHO Says About Corona Virus

In a statement made on the 20th March, 2020, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyeus, the Director-General of WHO, says “Young People are not invincible from COVID19. The virus could put you in a hospital for weeks, or even kill you”.

This is a wake-up call to young people that the fact that you are not at a greater risk of dying from the virus does not mean it will not kill you if you are reckless with your health.

Why Are Older People At Greater Risk?

Corona Virus Death Rates Due To Age

As we age, our immune system weakens. This makes us highly prone to infections of all types. There is also a higher chance of a phenomenon called cytokine storm occurring. This is a situation where the immune system in older people gears up, overreacts and produces too many chemicals to fight off an infection. Therefore, leading to a severe inflammatory reaction that can result in significant damage to the body.

How Can I Reduce My Risk Of Contracting Corona Virus?

If you fall into the vulnerable group, be vigilant with hygiene. Click this link on tips on how to prevent getting the virus.

This does not only apply to people who fall in the vulnerable group but people of all ages.

There is still so much we are learning about this new virus. But what we know is that it has been declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Which is why we must join hands to spread the word, not the virus and fear. You should also practice social distancing.

Stay safe.

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