How to Spend 48 hours in Yola

By Hazel

13 July 2017

Yola?is the capital city and administrative centre of?Adamawa State,?Nigeria. Sprawls across the hillside of this North-Eastern region of Nigeria. Yola is split into two parts. The old town is?the traditional city while the new city?is the administrative and commercial centre. The city?has a market, zoo, an airport with direct flights to?Saudi Arabia,?as well as the main mosque and cathedral. ?The majority of people in Nigeria are involved in farming and agricultural activities. Crops like cotton, groundnuts are often sold in the markets. Villagers located on the banks of the Benue River also engage in fishing with the Fulani people taking part in cattle rearing. Yola is a place to be enjoyed. If you want to see the best of Yola in 48 hours, then check out this guide. call 09024097929 to book a hotel

48 hours in Yola: Day 1

You should plan to stay in Jimeta and its vicinity; where major interesting activities take place. There are a number of?budget hotels around the area, such as American University Hotel, Yukuben Hotels, City Green Hotel, Madugu Rockview Hotel and Murivill Hotel.

Morning: Breakfast and a Visit to the Gashaka Gumpti National Park

Yola has lots of great restaurants to catch a quick delicious breakfast such as School Cafeteria, Aun Pizzeria, Akacha's House, French Dishes. Proudly holding the title of Nigeria's largest Park/Reserve Gashaka Gumpti Park is a definite must-see. The park is partly located in Cameroon and one walk along the footpaths into Cameroonian territory. Divided into two sections, the Gashaka part and the Gumpti part with the Gashaka part being the noticeably larger section. The park has over 360 species of butterfly which account for 90% of Africa's butterflies. Chappel Wadi, the highest mountain in Nigeria, also lies in the park.

Afternoon: Relaxation and a walk around the beautiful city

Shortly after your siesta, a walk around the beautiful city of Yola would be a memorable experience. Fill your eyes with its surroundings and breathe fresh air. The city market would be a great place to start off, this helps to reveal part of the culture of the people; the food they eat dresses they wear, and every other thing precious in the market. As you do so, you could go along with a pen or a jotter or do well to ask lots of questions about things you do not understand. Another great place to walk to would be the zoo. Check out the beautiful and well-nourished animals in the city?s zoo. Lastly, a visit to the popular Jimeta town would be needed to see for yourself why it is a remarkable place in the city.

Evening: A Visit to Mubi and Durbar and Yola?Bronze

Mubi is a village/town not too far from Yola. The village is home to the Nuhu Wakili family which is the ruling family of the town. Previously Yola was a subordinate of the Sultan of Sokoto and thus has its very own Emir. On your journey to Yola make sure you visit Nuhu Auwalu Wakilis Palace or make a turn at the Emir's palace during the Durbar celebrating Eid-El-Fitri. Yola?Bronze is a reasonable?place?to start for anyone who wants to experiment with website creation and finally the coffee shop of Madison;?a wonderful?place?to enjoy a mocha, have a conversation.

48 Hours in Yola: Day 2

Morning: A Visit to the Sukur World Heritage Site

Sukur, located in the Mandara Mountains, was deemed a World Heritage Site in 1999 due to it being an exceptional landscape that marks a critical stage in human settlement and its relationship with the environment through its form of land use. Little to nothing is known about Sukur yet is still one of the many must-see wonders of the Yola region.

Afternoon: A visit to the Mandara and Shebshi Mountains

A visit to the Mandara and Shebshi Mountains would be a great view. The Mandara Mountains which lie to the south and the Shebshi Mountains which lie to the North are remarkable places worth seeing at Yola.

Evening: A visit to Yola Airport and?Yola?s Cafe

Yola Airport which is the first airport?in Nigeria is not the busiest of airports in Nigeria, but it does have its fair share of air traffic. There are regular scheduled domestic flights to Abuja, Lagos, and Maiduguri. The airlines operating there are Arik Air and IRS Airlines.?Yola Airport?is?8 kilometres northwest of Yola. Yola?s Cafe, an unconventional caf?, that provides an oasis of calm in your busy life. Whether you stay for two minutes or two hours, the aim is to give you more than just great coffee, homemade baked goods, and fresh food. call 09024097929 to book a flight

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