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How To Spend 48 Hours in Abuja

Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, is one those destinations that you just can never get enough of. There's so much to do and lots more to see. If this your first time in Nigeria, Abuja is a perfect jump-off point for exploring the rest of the country.?If you want to see the best of Abuja in a short period of time, check out this 48 Hours in?Abuja guide. Abuja is a city of exquisite architectural designs, great landscapes, pristine parks, beautiful culture and luxury hotels, such as Transcorp Hilton Abuja Hotel, Sheraton Abuja Hotel, Summerset Continental Hotel, Hawthorn Suites, you will definitely have an exciting and fun-filled experience in the city of Abuja. call 09024097929 to book a hotel

48 hours in Abuja: Day 1

You should plan to stay in Wuse 2 and its environs, this is the fun hub of the city and where most of the interesting activities will take place. There are a number of budget hotels around the area, such as Chateau De Trybze and Rockview Hotel Classic.

Morning: Classic Breakfast and Golfing

ibb-golf-course-abuja-hotels.ngThere are many restaurants in Abuja city poised to meet your breakfast needs. Craving for local or international cuisines? You will surely find a restaurant that suits your taste and doesn?t dig too deep into your pocket. Some of these restaurants are; Tulip Bistro, African Kitchen in Dei-Dei, The Quarter Caf?, Broad St. Caf?, Siam City Garden, Pow restaurant, Kung Fu Chinese and K-City Plaza. After a sumptuous breakfast, visit the IBB Golf Course for a relaxing game of sports. The golf course has 18 beautiful holes and offers great driving range, short game areas, and terrace areas. You can go for drinks within the golf course and sit on the terrace for hours alone or with friends. It also contains 2 lawn tennis courts with a generally nice atmosphere.

Afternoon: Lunch, Relaxation, and Pampering

fried Many of the luxurious hotels sprinkled around Abuja city have restaurants that provide cuisine from all over the world. Have a sumptuous meal and swim or relax at the spas afterwards. You can swim in the Olympic-size swimming pools and relax by the pool bars. Facilities such as spas and fully-equipped gyms are also available in the hotels for guests.

Evening: Club scene or a night at the Park

After a relaxing in the afternoon, it's time to tune things up a bit. Abuja is well known for its vibrant nightlife, the clubs, bars, live music, pubs, and lounges ensure your night time is as interesting as your day. For relaxation and fun check in at either the Sofa leather lounge, Mirage Hookah Lounge & Grill, Reno?s restaurant and bar, the Trukaredo Place and Baytown Lounge. 80% of the nightclubs are all clustered in Wuse 2, where a host of clubs like Cubana, Basement, the Bank, Krsytal Lounge, Safari, Klub vanity, Aqua night and more provide boisterous music. Some of the clubs can also be located in hotels like Sheraton and Transcorp Hilton. If you?re not so much of a club lover, then you should visit the Millennium Park. Renowned Italian architect, Manfredi Nicoletti conceived and designed the park. It is the largest public park and garden in Maitama, Abuja. Millennium Park features a pool, beautifully structured walkway and plays?barn for kids. There is no better place to take in fresh air as you enjoy all the fun on offer in the park. A visit to the park in the evening leaves you in awe?with the beautiful lightings and picnicking guests. It is also a perfect romantic hangout spot.

Ibbgolfcourse -

48 hours in Abuja: Day 2

Morning: Breakfast at Dunes Centre

Dunes centre makes your dreams of luxury come true. Have breakfast at their world class restaurant and thereafter visit their original antiquities gift shops, supermarket, pastry shop, and boutiques, Dunes painstakingly defines luxury. During festive periods, Dunes Centre is the top-notch place to visit for romantic outings, vacations, or just sightseeing.

Afternoon: Rock Climbing

Aso Rock is located on the outskirts of Abuja and is the most prominent feature of the capital city. Delicately positioned around Aso Rock are; The Nigerian Presidential Complex, National Assembly, and Supreme Court. These make Aso Rock the most powerful rock in Africa. But that is not all, the Abuja Jabi Lake is a beautiful sight to behold the wonders of nature. It is referred to as a mysterious lake because its water level remains constant all-year-round. It is also home to crocodiles and other reptiles. There is an ongoing plan to turn Jabi Lake into a world-class resort. The Wonderland Amusement Park, although, mostly a leisure and recreational centre for kids, adults willing to relive their childhood can also pop in. With several games and rides, it will be an amazing day well spent. You can also stop over at the National Stadium which is on the same drive as the park. The Wonderland Amusement Park, although, mostly a leisure and recreational centre for kids, adults willing to relive their childhood can also pop in. With several games and rides, it will be an amazing day well spent. You can also stop over at the National Stadium which is on the same drive as the park.

Evening: Relax and Chill

On your final night in the city, you may want to relax and be refreshed for your trip the next day. You could pay a visit to Silverbird Galleria located in Central Business District of the city. It houses a cinema, restaurants, game arcades, retail shops and a host of other gift shops. Go for a cosy movie?night at the Silverbird Cinemas. You could go for a cosy movie?night at the Silverbird Cinemas. Or take the opportunity to shop or just browse the various shops located in the Silverbird Galeria building. There are many places to have a sophisticated evening in Abuja. ?After your movie, you can visit one of the many gardens of Abuja. A great choice would be Riverplate Park or the Secret Garden. These places are great for lone relaxation or hanging out with friends. Abuja is vibrant city and a place of full of beauty. You may not get to experience all that Abuja has to offer in 48hours, but with our help, you can still get a pretty good taste. call 09024097929 to book a flight

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