Free Things To Do In Ado-Ekiti

By Clarke

10 July 2017

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In Ado-Ekiti, popularly known as Ado, strewed across the town is an unusual gathering of mountains and hills. The town is probably the hilliest area in the?southwest. It is also the capital of Ekiti State.The modestly sized state is hemmed in the middle of Kogi, Osun, Ondo and Kwara states. This is part of the reasons the area is Predominantly occupied by sub-ethnic groups of the Yoruba people. It's safe to say they pulled a piece from everyone that surrounds them. The city does well for itself by trading yams, cassava, grain, cotton, and tobacco. call 09024097929 to book a hotel Despite its predominantly Yoruba dominance the region happens to be a place where Christianity, Islam and traditional religions are all practiced. Ekiti State is situated in mainly an upland zone rising over 250 meters above sea level and one of the many natural features of the state is the abundance of hilly mountains that surround the entire state. The population of Ado-Ekiti as at 2006 was 308,621. Despite the presence of the State Government, Ado Ekiti is also administered by Kings. The kings of Ado Ekiti include Ewi Adewumi Agunsoye (1910-1936), Ewi Anirare Aladesanmi (1937-1983), Ewi Samuel Adeyemi (1984-1988), Ewi Adeyemo Adejugbe (1990-date). It is important to note that you don?t need to break the bank to derive maximum enjoyment of your stay in Ado Ekiti, as there a couple of free and cheap things to do in this city. Tourist stays in Ado is quite alluring, the natural peacefulness, the people and of course the city's food.  

Take a Tour of Christ? School Ado Ekiti

Christ' Established on 30 June 1933 by the British missionary, Archdeacon Henry Dallimore, it is one of the oldest secondary schools in Ado Ekiti. It is a very hilly school. It was originally christened 'Ekiti Central School,' a co-educational secondary school. call 09024097929 to book a hotel It?was renamed 'Christ's School, Ado-Ekiti' by Sir Bernard Henry Bourdillon, in 1936. This school was conceived as an attempt to advance secondary school education in Ekiti land and Western Nigeria in an atmosphere where discipline, diligence, and academic excellence would be developed and ensured. The total conjecture of the education to be given was to make the individual a useful person to himself and his community. The school has a huge reputation all over Nigeria having produced major talents in fields as diverse as education, medicine, law, history, engineering, governance (including two governors), banking, administration, diplomacy, the arts etc. It has a very rich library and is a good tourist destination in Ado Ekiti. The school is open to people who want to take a tour, albeit you might need to inform the security personnel in the school about your brief adventure.  

Take a walk in the Park Occupying a large parcel of land in Ado Ekiti, the Fajuyi Park happens to be the place where the late Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi, former Governor of the old western state during the military regime, was buried. He was killed along with General Aguiyi Ironsi, former Head of State in a Military coup in 1966. The park is equipped with a fountain, water sport, games, children playground, tower, mini museum, restaurant and bar for visitors and tourists. It is also suitable for meetings, religious retreats, seminars, and workshops. This Park is one of the attractions for excursionists made prominent by successive governments in Ekiti State and is meant to boost the Internally Generated Revenue of the state. As of the writing of this post, a token of N200 as a gate fee is required before anyone is allowed into the park.  

Visit the Magical Battlefield Ado-Ekiti The Oroke Ewo War Centre, located about 2km to Ilupeju Ekiti, along?Ibele Araromi road, is the preserved site of a war between warriors from Ilorin led by their warlord, Ali and the Egosi Kingdom led by Oloseru, Elewere, Oloyagba, Olowotoranse in the 18th century. During the war, Egosi warlords displayed magical powers that allegedly turned their enemies (Ali) to a stone named Odidi Mode, while his seat and calabash charms were also turned to stones. Over time, this site has been a great tourist attraction, as the sight of human beings turned to stone is a great wonder. The story about this tourist attraction is better seen than heard.  

Visit the Ekiti Ikogosi Warm Spring Natural Elements like hills, huge waterfalls, and unique wildlife are well-known elements of tourists attraction all over the world. The Ikogosi warm springs in Ikogosi, Ekiti West LGA is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is a confluence of hot spring and cold spring meeting at a point and then flowing down as a single stream. Where the warm water flows from actually has steam coming out from it and it has a temperature of about 70oC. The Ikogosi warm springs are situated in a dense forest that extends over a hilly landscape, with tall trees around the confluence of warm and cold springs providing a tall canopy that can host tourists and other visitors to the spring. Thus, when you arrive at Ado-Ekiti, ensure that visiting this spring takes an important place on your to-do list.  

Pay Homage at the Palace of the Ewi

Visiting the Palace of the Ewi of Ado Ekiti would offer visitors the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of the Ekiti peoples, as the Palace houses a plethora of artifacts. This palace has overtime being referred to as a mini-museum. The Ewi of Ado-Ekiti is the traditional king of Ado town, and the State Government accords him due respect, as the traditional head of Ado Ekiti City. ?The Ewi of Ado?s palace is an architectural masterpiece that shows a reflection of the past. The ancient edifice speaks of nobility in centuries past, as it attests to the cultural heritage of the Ado Ekiti people. Your visit to Ado Ekiti would not be complete if you do not visit the Ewi?s palace. call 09024097929 to book a flight

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Travel Guide to Ado Ekiti

For Ado Ekiti an apt description would be a city on the hill. That?s because of Ado Ekiti, popularly called Ado-the capital of Ekiti State- is located on hills and mountains. The South Western city is predominantly occupied by the Ekiti, a sub-ethnic group of the Yorubas. The City has alot of landmark areas and quite ancient tourist attractions. Visitors would have an awesome tour of the city.

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