Free Things To Do In Aba

By Hazel

06 July 2017

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Aba is a great city filled with exciting places to go and things to do. Aba is a city in the southeast of Nigeria and the commercial center of Abia State. It is a relatively small town for its very popular name but apparently that in no way affects the way of life of those that live there. Like anywhere else, in the eastern part of Nigeria, there's a fair amount of fun and exposure to be had in Aba if you know just where to be. The city is a collecting point for agricultural products, major urban settlement and commercial center in a region that is surrounded by smaller villages and settlements. Aba became a collecting point for agricultural products following the British made railway running through the small city directly to Port Harcourt. Its major economic contributions are Textiles and Palm Oil along with pharmaceuticals, plastics, cement, and cosmetics which made the Ariaria International Market become the largest market in West Africa seconded by the Onitsha Main Market. There is also a brewery, a glass company, and distillery within the city. Finally, it is famous for its handicrafts and smith-work. Aba city is packed with various entertainment opportunities for tourists. There are just as many costly activities to partake in Aba, as there are economical, cheap and even free things to do. If you are on a lean budget, having fun in Aba is very possible.

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Here Is A List Of Free Things To Do In Aba:

Spend vacation at the Isuikwuato town

Isuikwuato is a local government area in Aba, Abia State in southeastern Nigeria. It has an estimated population of over 50,000 people. Isuikwuato contains many natural resources like Iron Ore, Kaolin etc. Oil lines flow throws Isuikwuato and there have been cases of burst pipe which have had severe effects on the local economy and environment. The major cash crops are palm oil and cassava. Isuikwuato is also home to Abia State University Uturu. Isuikwuato people are predominantly Christians. The Isuikwuato Christian Organisation has helped to evangelize the communities. Being a home to the people of Aba, a visit to Isuikwuato would be a great place to start with as you could get to establish a good relationship with its people and get to know so much about their lifestyle, agriculture and basically every detail that concerns the Aba people.

Visit the Azumini Blue River

This is a good relaxation spot for both local and foreign tourists. As the name implies, the blueness and freshness of the river make it a unique spot for tourism attraction. The river that takes its source?from the Aba River (popularly called waterside) has room for the construction of a world-class tourism resort. When fully developed, the Azumini Blue River site would provide an all-year-round site for tourists worldwide.

Drop by at the Amakama Wooden Cave at Amakama

A magnificent tree with a hollow inside that is capable of accommodating up to twenty people at a time. The tree is claimed to be as old as the Amakama community and had acted as a safe haven to the community during the inter-tribal wars and the slave?trade?era. The beautiful serene environment of the site is good for the future development?of a standard tourism village.

Take a tour to the National War Museum and Ojukwu Bunker in Umuahia

Ever heard of Ogbunigwe? Want to know more about the Nigerian civil war? The National War Museum is a sanctuary of both traditional and modern warfare and opens its doors far and wide to people seeking to know more about this portion of Nigerian history. This was established in 1985?with the aim of putting the ugly episode of the war behind and speeding up the process of national reconciliation and healing. It is notable as a sanctuary of civil war relics. call 09024097929 to book a hotel Formerly belonging to the Premier of the then Eastern Region, Chief Michael Okpara, the premises where the bunker is housed was offered to the Biafran government after the fall of the first capital of Biafra. A part of the National War Museum annex, this structural masterpiece was built in 90 days during the Civil War under a large field behind the main house. Originally referred to as the Subterranean Office of the Government of Biafra, it was renamed Ojukwu Bunker by the public. These are Federal Government Establishments that contain the relics of the Nigerian Civil War. These relics are constant reminders of the evils of war. The museum serves as a research center. Join a touring company to be better educated on the bunker, what it stands for and its present significance. Learning about the history of these grounds cannot go wrong and end up being a bad idea.?You will learn a lot from visiting the museum and know a lot more about the Nigerian civil war.

Take some pictures at the Museum of Colonial History in Aba

This is also a Federal Government Establishment which houses the history of the evolution of the Nigerian State from pre-colonial, colonial and present times. It also serves as a research center. The development and practice of tourism are capital intensive which requires the active participation of both the public and capital sectors. Just as a side note for the knowledge, it's important to note that, investors have placed Abia tourism as a strong revenue base for the State and tourists destination.The tourist is not just lofty thoughts without some backing.

Participate in the Festivals and Dances

The City boasts of a large variety of traditional Festivals/dances in virtually all the autonomous communities in the State. These are celebrated at various seasons in the year. Officially, there is the State-own

Go Venerate At the Caves

These are located on the northern axis of the State ranging from Umunneochi to Arochukwu. They include the Ngodo cave at NgodoIsuochi which has both stalactite and stalagmite inside, the Uhuchukwu cave at AhabaImenyi in Isuikwuato LGA, the Ulochukwu Abiama?cave at AmankaluAlayi in Bende LGA, the EziOfia cave at Amekpu Ohafia, the OnuIbina Cave at Ihechiowa in Arochukwu LGA and much more. An outstanding feature of these caves is that they are cut out in wonderful natural rocky landscapes and they are tourist-delights any day. It is believed that the Uhuchukwu cave the Ulochukwu Abiama cave and the Long Juju cave (IbiniUkpabi) were once residences of Chukwu Abiama/Obioma-the-kind hearted deity that once wielded great powers of arbitration.

Go see the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture

This was established in 1992. The Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, originally the Federal University of Agriculture, is a federal university in Umudike, established as a specialized University by a Federal Government of Nigeria Decree. Consequently, the curricula involve intensive teaching and extensive practical training in Agriculture. Also made relevant to the needs of farmers and local agriculture is to ensure prompt delivery of well-tested and technically optimized protocols to sensitized farmers. call 09024097929 to book a flight   The University aims to provide knowledge through which food and security will be assured. The University, therefore, has the vision to serve Nigeria and humanity through processes that will lead to the alleviation of hunger. The training of confident and competent educated farmers capable of working on their own instead of the current dependence on government employment, and the development of environment and people-sensitive technology and the immediate enhancement of the well-being of the farmers constitute the focal points of the University.

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