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Ten Famous France Universities That Nigerians Seek Admissions Into.

by Oluwamayowa/November 18 02:15 PM Last updated on There are a lot of people who dream of schooling outside Nigeria because they want to experience more and get a better education. Seeking admission into a university outside your country takes a whole lot of processes to get to your final goal. The most important thing to do is knowing what school you want to get admitted into. Are you one of those who want to study in France but do not know what schools to apply to? Then this is for you. Click here for information on France visas. There are a lot of universities in France that are really good for international students. However, there are a couple of universities that are famous for admitting international students. In no particular order, they are: 1. Paris Sciences et Lettres- PSL Research University, Paris PSL Research University is a collegiate institution made up of 18 former research institutions in Paris. It was formed in 2010 and since then, has ranked as one of the best universities in France. Its academic structure borders around all the fields in academics. It has also been one of those institutions that international students go to for Masters and Ph.D. studies. 2. Paris-Sud University Paris-Sud University is one of the most prestigious universities in France. This university is known particularly for Science and Mathematics. It has 32 internationally-renowned laboratories and welcomes about 32,000 students. The university builds its prestige on quality research and an extensive choice of academic disciplines. 3. University Of Paris University Of Paris The University of Paris is a new institution that was established in 2019. It was created from the merge of Paris Diderot University, Paris Descartes University, and Institut de physique du globe de Paris. The University provides teaching to almost all the fields in the academic spectrum like Arts, Sciences, Nursing, Humanities, Social sciences, Economics among others. 4. Sorbonne University Sorbonne University (formerly known as Paris-Sorbonne University) is known for its all-year academic excellence with a high academic reputation of 86.9%. One of its academic approach to education is to design a way to meet up with the intellectual and scientific challenges of the 21st century. The university also offers courses within the academic range of arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, and medicine. 5. Ecole Polytechnique (Paris Tech) Ecole Polytechnique is one of the best schools in France for technology. It ranked 3rd in the 2015 Times Higher Education Small Universities rankings. Undergraduate and Post-graduate programs are available in the school in technology and other fields in academics. How important is it to learn French before traveling to France? Click here to know. 6. ?cole Normale Sup?rieure de Lyon This institution is an elite institution that gives high-level training to students, researchers, business leaders, politicians, professors among others. It is an institute with diversified studies that give a lot of career opportunities and choices. 7. Sciences Po Paris Sciences Po Paris is a research institution in the social sciences. This university specializes in law, economics, social science, politics, history, and other related courses. It is internationally recognized for its scientific approach to teaching social sciences. 8. Aix- Marseille University Aix- Marseille University is one of the schools formed by the merger of old France universities. It was formed in 2012 from the merger of the University of Provence, the University of the Mediterranean and Paul C?zanne University. It enrolls about 74,000 students with 10,000 international students inclusive. 9. T?l?com Paris T?l?com Paris is one of the top universities in France for engineering. It is known for teaching its students innovation and entrepreneurship for the new digital age. It also guarantees employability to those who graduate from the school. Its great reputation makes its students stand out. 10. Centrale Sup?lec Centrale Sup?lec is a grand school known for its training expertise in Electrical engineering, Energy and Information sciences. The student body consists of about 2000 students. According to statistics provided by the school, 1 out of every 5 graduating students is a foreigner and about 40% of its graduates have obtained double degrees from the school. Are you interested in going to France? Click here to speak with our agent.