My experience visiting Atican beach last December

Last year started out all hectic and just plain frustrating.

Everywhere I turned to, there was a task waiting for me and I just kept hoping for a desperate break. So when my friends called me at the end of the year and asked us to vote for a location to hang out, I was ecstatic and determined to ensure the outing was going to be the best time of the year for me.

I asked around for reviews about various beaches in Lagos and which one was best suitable to give me the fun of the year.

I finally settled for Atican Beach, located Off Abraham Adesanya Estate Road, Okun Ajah Town, Lekki-Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria. It was said to be a delightful private beach with the view of the Atlantic Ocean, located 10 to 15mins from Abraham Adesanya Estate, Ajah on a motorable road. 

My friends then decided they wanted somewhere else but the beach, but I was stuck on this one. When we couldn’t agree, I decided to give it a try on my own, hoping to come back with loads of reviews and pictures that will make them jealous and wanting to drag me back for their own fun.

Because I wanted the best experience ever, I decided to visit on a weekday when I was sure the crowd will be minimal and the guides will be more willing to give their best service.

I dressed up on an early Friday morning and drove through Lekki-Epe Expressway (I checked ahead of time to ensure I passed through a route that would not stress me).

I got to the entrance in time and paid my N1000 gate fee (if I had waited till a weekend I would have paid the same N1000 because it was a festive month, every other month had the weekday for N500). At the gate, I was informed that if I came in a group of over 50 and above that I could get a discount. I kept that in mind hoping that I enjoyed my day enough to convince my friends into joining me next time.

As I walked in, I was asked if I needed a tent to stay and was informed that the smallest one was at the rate of N10,000. Since I was alone, I declined the offer. I kept it in mind though, just in case my friends would be joining me on my next visit.

I was also informed that the resort did not allow external refreshments on the premises and if you must bring your food or drinks in, I had to pay a fee of N5000.​ I kept all these details in mind and started thinking of how to make them into a very interesting gist for my friends.

After the whole gate introduction, I decided to take a tour of the resort first before deciding on what to do as I honestly did not want to end up bored. I noticed they had restaurant and bar Services, a club, barbecue spot, lodging services, live band (which I got to know was a Friday special, luckily for me), and various other fun things for kids, as they were also guaranteed their own fun moments.

I liked the fact that the place was not crowded. The ambiance was quiet and peaceful. It felt like a place I could stay at all day if I wanted to think without any disturbance, but I was not there to think but to have fun. It was a super clean beach (not filthy with garbage) and I was happy I didn’t allow my friends’ refusal to stop me from making the journey down here.

I decided to start out with the barbecue; I felt eating heavy would make me too lazy to experience as much fun as I would love. So I headed down to the beach bar and barbecue Spot. There was also a bar ready to take all drink orders. I saw so many drinks it took me a while to decide. From tasty cocktails to spirits, there was something for everyone. I could not afford to get drunk though, but I knew I also needed a bit of alcohol in my system to be able to push myself through the fun.

I got this great chicken suya from the stand there and the barbecue fish and pepper soup, as well as the beef and chicken kebabs, which were looking so appealing from afar. Everything could make you salivate!

I sat with my chilled bottle of drink and suya while breathing in the fresh ocean, trust me, it was a life I didn’t want to leave behind anytime soon. 

 After that, I decided I was ready to play a bit. So I went horse riding. I had to pay N1,000 to ride a horse. Although I had my heart in my mouth at first because it all felt so strange and terrifying, I eased up to the rhythm with time and I almost didn’t want to stop. Call me a big baby all you want, but horse riding was fun for me.

After that, feeling a little tired and tipsy, I decided to just sit and watch the kids playing around. I realized there were various fun places for kids, ranging from the swings they had available to the various other spots where they could just hang out and have fun. There was a playground for children as well, a basketball court, a beach ball court, and a snooker table that adults could borrow.

I got hungry around noon and decided it was time to eat. The resort had excellent food and the services provided by the staff at the restaurant were top-notch. Their service there proved that they were concerned about their customers’ satisfaction. Though you are not allowed to bring food into the resort, the excellent food available at the beach restaurant was enough to make up for it. By the way, when you visit Atican Beach, you should definitely try the “small chops”, you’ll love it! 

I ate to my heart’s content and almost got tempted to get a lodge — they did have an amazing lodge I could see and I itched to try their beds since every other thing I tried had been amazing so far. But then I came there to have fun, and sleeping didn’t count as fun, so I sadly did not take up the bed offer.

I rather chose to lounge by the beach, hoping I didn’t fall asleep. I didn’t sleep though because I had an amazing time just watching the water waves slapping at the shore. I wished I’d come prepared with extra clothes so I could lose my home training a bit and run into the ocean while also hoping that my “village people” were not on duty at that moment.

From the beachside, I moved on to the club just to have a feel of it. Beautiful music was playing and I was captivated. The space could also be rented to host parties and watch great games like football. Membership forms were made available to all as well. But a club is not a place you visit alone and expect to have fun, so I left to find fun somewhere else.

I went to the live band area next and had my fill there. I got to listen to a live band without even attending an owambe! The performance was delivered by the in-house live band and they wowed me immensely, I danced to my heart’s content and made a resolution there and then that I wanted just a live band at my wedding, whenever that is though.

At this point, I knew it was time to head back home, sadly.

I am so going back there this December and my friends have promised to come along as well. They said they hoped to have more fun than I did last December. I know it’s not a good thing to be stingy — this is why I’ve shared how my experience at Atican Beach went last December.

Ensure you share your own experience with me as well and remember to take more pictures than I did.

By the way, Atican Beach Resort is a great place for private dates with your loved ones as well as corporate events and team-bonding activities.

Thank me later!

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