A Business Traveller’s Guide to Port Harcourt

A business traveler's guide to Port Harcourt

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Port Harcourt is said to be the second largest southern city in Nigeria, after Lagos. It is the capital of Rivers State and was named after Lewis Viscount Harcourt, the Secretary of State for the Colonies. Port Harcourt was originally called  “Igwe Ocha” and was founded in 1912. It was founded for the purpose of coal exportation. It is currently the chief oil-refining city in Nigeria and has an estimated population of 1,865,000 (as at the year 2016). Port Harcourt is a city that is home to a number of multinationals, mainly within the petroleum industry. A daily average of 210,000 barrels of crude oil is produced by Port Harcourt’s two major refineries. If you have business transactions to conduct in Port Harcourt or a business meeting, this business traveler’s guide to Port Harcourt will give you all the tips you will need.

A business traveler's guide to Port Harcourt

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Getting into Port Harcourt

It is advisable that you travel to Port Harcourt by air or by road, depending on where you are traveling from. Traveling by air is usually the best option. International airlines operating flights to Port Harcourt include British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Turkish Airlines, KLM and Air France. If you are in Nigeria, you can travel by plane from Abuja, Kaduna, Lagos and other airline terminals available in the country.

In Nigeria, local airlines operating flights to Port Harcourt include Air Peace, Dana Air, Medview Airlines, Arik Air, and Aero Contractors. Flights generally take less than an hour to arrive Port Harcourt from both the Abuja and Lagos Airports.

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A business traveler's guide to port harcourt

If you want to travel by bus, several bus transport service providers are available for you from different parts of Nigeria. They include Cross Country Transport, ABC Transport, God is Good Motors, and The Young Shall Grow. Below are some of the costs to travel from Lagos to Port Harcourt by bus.

  • Cross Country Transport – Less than ₦6,000
  • Good is Good Motors – Less than ₦5,000
  • ABC Transport – Less than ₦5,000
  • Young Shall Grow – Less than ₦4,500

What to Take Along

Packing versatile clothes which can be worn to various types of events is one way to keep your bags light. For men, you may take two suits, while for women, two blazers with a matching pair of pants and a skirt. You can wear one of them over a casual shirt, while the other is packed. Clothes like T-shirts and sweaters which can be worn alone or combined to suit weather changes are always a great idea. One great tip for preventing wrinkles with packed clothes is to pack them in dry cleaning plastic. It is recommended that you travel with clothes that have dark colors as they hide stains better than clothes with bright colors.

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For travelers taking flights who wish to minimize delays, it is advisable to travel with only hand luggage. It usually takes a while before checked in bags can be collected after landing.  Also, ensure that you include necessary toiletries while preparing for your trip. Electronics should be fully charged prior to the journey to prevent batteries running low in the event of unforeseen delays.

Don’t forget to hold enough cash (by the way, things are expensive in Port Harcourt) and your ATM card too. A Visa or Mastercard can be a great help.

Moving Around Port Harcourt

You may move around using public buses, private cars or motorcycles. You may also use airport taxis car rental services and special cabs.

Where to Stay

There are several comfortable hotels in Port Harcourt to spend the night in such as  Hotel presidential, Le Meridien Ogeyi place and several others.

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Most of the hotels in Port Harcourt have conference rooms for meetings. Some popular conference centres can be found at Ruby Centre, Rabboni Hall and Obi Wali International Conference Centre. These conference centres have halls that sit up to 200 people and are suitable for seminars complete with the necessary equipment.

A business traveller's guide to Port Harcourt

Exploring Port Harcourt

While exploring Port Harcourt, you could check out Port Harcourt Zoo or Port Harcourt Tourist Beach. You may also visit the Isaac Boro Garden Park or the Port Harcourt Cultural Centre. The Borikiri Market is a good location to engage in some shopping activities.

A business traveller's guide to Port Harcourt

You may choose to eat in one of the many well-established restaurants or ‘bukkas’ along the streets of Port Harcourt. Or you could visit cool food spots like Portofino foods, Bouvati Fast Foods, Chicken Calypso Fast food, and restaurant.


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Traveling to Port Harcourt for a business transaction or meeting can be more fun than you think. Follow this business traveler’s guide to Port Harcourt, and you will return home with a memorable travel experience.

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