10 Exciting Places You Can Visit In Lagos

Lagos is often regarded as the centre of “everything” in Nigeria. Whether one is visiting as an individual, on a family trip, team bonding, or on a date, there are several interesting places to go while in Lagos. It all depends on your budget and your proximity to these places.

Below is a list of 10 Exciting Places you can visit on your next trip to Lagos.

1. Fela Shrine (The New African Shrine)

Are you a lover of entertainment and nightlife? Fela Shrine gives you a deal of both experiences. The shrine is popular for its live band performances, expressive music and its special palm wine that is always available for consumption. The place serves as a remembrance for the Legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti and hosts one of the biggest shows in Lagos in memory of him (Felabration).

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Live performance at Fela Shrine

2. Landmark Beach:

Landmark Beach is an amazing spot to have fun and recreational activities such as skiing, beach soccer or taking a long walk on its coastline boardwalk. The beach is located at Victoria Island Lagos and it is the host to some popular restaurants like Hardrock Cafe.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to explore Landmark Beach in Lagos.

image result for land mark beach Lagos
Pool section of the beach

3. 7 Square Restaurant

7 Square Restaurant is simply a definition of class and taste. If one is looking for the perfect place to go on a date or have a romantic dinner, it is one of the best places to consider. The well-lited and furnished outlay gives the right ambience to anyone that is visiting for the first time. They have a wide range of local and continental dishes on their menu, giving one the option to choose from a long list of variables.

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A cross-section view of 7 Square Restaurant

4. The Escape Room Lagos

Looking for a place to go play games and have some real-life adventure? Escape Room is your best shot. The place gives the right feel and experience for anyone looking to have a real-life adventure. They promote a list of games that encourage team bonding, tactical reasoning, and logic. The Escape Room is quite affordable and you can be assured that a visit to the place would be a quite memorable experience.

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Image result for escape room lagos"

5. Tea Room Lagos

Everyone is looking for something unique and different, most times we get tired of regular restaurants and fast food and would just need a taste of something nice and unique at the same time. Tea Room Lagos is a popular brunch spot that specializes in providing fresh pastries, different variety of teas, tasty meals, creative chefs, and home-roasted coffee.

Read more information on Tea Room Lagos, here.

Image result for tea room lagos"
Tea Room Lagos

6. CCX Lounge

CCX Lounge is one of the most popular lounges in Lagos, not just because it is owned by Chocolate City Group, but because it hosts a number of musical stars like M.I. CCX Lounge is actually popular for having great music, art, and entertainment. The cozy set up makes it the right place for a hangout with friends and if you are looking to “Groove” in Lagos, you can visit CCX Lounge.

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image result for CCX Lounge
CCX Lounge

7. Grand Cinema 

Fun is never complete without having the opportunity to see a great movie. Grand Cinema offers the opportunity to see lots of exciting foreign and local movies, premieres and blockbusters. Grand Cinema has a nice waiting lounge and an arcade center to keep you entertained while you wait for your movie.

For more detailed information on Grand Cinema, click here.

image result for Grand Cinemas
Inside view of Grand Cinemas

8. National Theatre

The National edifice is an architectural and cultural masterpiece. This place can be described as home to anything Arts. The National Theatre creates an avenue to learn Arts in a nice environment. It has a fascinating interior and exterior design with a hall that is above 5,000 capacity and two cinemas.

You can read more about the National Theatre here.

Image result for national theatre lagos hotels.ng"
National Theatre

9. Tarkwa Bay

Tarkwa Bay, unlike most public beaches, isn’t noisy and crowded, it’s fairly removed from the hustle and bustle of Lagos making it the right place for some quiet outing. It is located in a welcoming neighborhood and a popular place for swimmers and water sport enthusiasts. One of the interesting things about Tarkwa Bay is the boat ride one has to take to get the beach, making the experience worthwhile.

For more details on Tarkwa bay, click here.

image result for Tarkwa Bay
Surfing at Tarkwa Bay

10. Lekki Conservative Centre 

Nature lovers will surely love the Lekki Conservative Centre. It is one of the best nature reserves in Nigeria. Lekki Conservation Centre has a lot of interesting things to do. Some of these things include: Tree House, Nature Station, Bird Hide, Swamp Lookout Station, Rotunda, 96-Seater Gazebos, Koi & Tilapia ponds, Beach Volleyball Courts & Spectators’ Pavilion, Barbecue joints, and Gym facilities. The major highlight of things that can be done at the Lekki Conservative Centre is the long canopy walk.

Click here for more information on Lekki conservative centre.

image result for the canopy walk in Lagos.
The Canopy long walk at Lekki Conservative Centre

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